Poll: Your Two Favorite Dead End Albums?
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Dead Line (1986)
2 50.00%
Ghost of Romance (1987)
1 25.00%
Shámbara (1988)
0 0%
Zero (1989)
0 0%
Metamorphosis (2009)
0 0%
Dream Demon Analyzer (2012)
1 25.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Your Two Favorite Dead End Albums?
Since Dead End is also another one of the latest bands to get their own forum (deservingly so, if you ask me!), we'll repeat the process as with Lovebites and kick off a typical album favorites poll here! Vote for your two favorite Dead End albums!

I'll admit that I hadn't listened to a lot of their post-1987 discography, and while nothing sounded too bad to my ears, I still personally am more moved by Dead Line -- the songs themselves told their story for me. After that, definitely Ghost of Romance. Pure Japameta. Cool

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Oldest and newest albums for me. They were always a good band regardless of the album, but Dead Line is my favorite of their old sound and Dream Demon Analyzer is my favorite of their new sound.
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Dream Demon Analyzer for sure. That album is brilliant especially considering the fact that it's a post-reunion release. After that, I have a hard time deciding between Ghost of Romance or Shambara. I'll have to get back to you on this one.
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