Poll: Your Three Favorite Songs off The Flag of Punishment (2003)?
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'Meditation for the Saga' / 'Struggle for the Freedom Flag'
4 33.33%
'Beyond of the Ground'
1 8.33%
'In the Delight'
2 16.67%
'Rebel Flag'
0 0%
1 8.33%
'Holding the Broken Wings'
1 8.33%
'Child of Free'
0 0%
'Final Resolution'
0 0%
'The Garden of the Goddess'
0 0%
'United Flag'
3 25.00%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Your Three Favorite Songs off The Flag of Punishment (2003)?
Let's vote for our favorite songs on the album The Flag of Punishment. You get up to three choices. Feel free to explain your reasons after voting.

Definitely their best album in my book. "Struggle for the Freedom Flag", "In the Delight", and "Holding the Broken Wings" get my vote. I almost picked "United Flag" in place of "In the Delight", but the latter is just heavier and full of hooks.

The only song I'm not crazy about is "The Garden of the Goddess". Otherwise, a highly enjoyable neoclassical power metal output.
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'Beyond of the Ground' and 'Struggle for the Freedom Flag' are definitely my favorites on this album, I especially like that triumphant feeling of the former, which makes me completely excuse the crappy English in its title Wink

For the third one, I had to think a little longer, but I really like the melodies in 'United Flag', so I went for that one.

Contrary to Painkiller, this is probably my second least favorite Galneryus album (after 'Phoenix Rising') because some things are still underdeveloped. Yama-B's voice certainly had yet to develop its semi-operatic majesty at this point, but I also think there are a few songs on here that really don't do much, 'Child of Free' most prominently. The instrumental work is already splendid though. There's plenty of bands that could wish for a debut only half as good as this one.
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"Struggle for the Freedom Flag" (of course), "In The Delight" and "United Flag" for me. I almost wanted to pick all three flag songs just for fun, but I can't deny how good "In The Delight" is.
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Oh yes, the "Flag" album. Tongue My number one is "Struggle for the Freedom Flag" for sure, number two and three for me are probably "Requiem" and "United Flag". While very good, this is my least favorite of their first three albums.
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