X Japan Coachella Performance
Will there be anymore surprises? Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland on guitars and a special guest appearance by Marilyn Manson. what next?
I still haven't completely let go of hologram Yoshiki behind the drums... Tongue
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I watched the "X" performance. I could tell that half of the band looked quite bored, if not all. I think Toshi was struggling to reach for his highs as much as possible, although I'm not going to put it past him to be able to sing his ass off in the same manner that his teenage self could, so he at least tried. Yoshiki's drumming was also pretty sloppy, but again, this stuff was originally played with a lot of aggression and technicality involved, so it's not his fault. It's just another concert date to them, so the key is to get through the whole set as humanly possible. Most people attending aren't going to notice, let alone give a shit.

I wish they'd just stick to "introducing" Hide and Taiji through their monitors, as holograms are as dull as they come.

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