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(Yesterday, 02:06 PM)Agonymph Wrote: I'm not sure if he's into the anime itself (which I assume it is), but he and Joost (their producer) are big fans of anime theme music for sure

Thanks. They certainly seem to have done a good job here anyway.
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!
My top three Western female metal vocalists will always be Leather Leone (Chastain), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), and Doro Pesch (Warlock).
Looks like the artist behind those classic Kreator album covers we all grew up with or otherwise associated with the music entirely is taking the band to court to pay what is due. I'll just cite his writings below:
Philip Lawvere Wrote:THE DRUMS OF WAR
I am about to engage with Kreator in a massive law suit this year. Last December we won our first injunction proving that I am the owner of all the works they have sold now for thirty years. More soon...
I currently have two options in the works to fund my legal assault on Kreator. If any of you believe that there are lawyers waiting to take on any case such as mine,or that all you need is to be right to find support for and win a case, you need educating. One of the reasons the band and it's backers got away with treating me the way they have is that they have been secure in knowing that I could never match their legal muscle, or even afford to try.

My own case has been estimated to require between $50,000 to $100,000 to properly prosecute. Luckily for me, and many others in my position, there are now options available to us. I am currently in negotiations with a company that raises investment capital for such cases, the downside being that the investor will keep 40% of any gains recieved.

My second, and more attractive option at this point, is to crowd fund the money on line. In case I take this route, I will be announcing my intention to "Kreate" a fund for the funding of other copyright infringement cases, which I believe will inspire people to contribute to this action.

To add to the incentives, I have been repainting in oils some of my more well known covers, as one time offer for auction. These will be offered to the highest bidders, in order to partially raise some of the needed capital. In addition, I will be making special edition merch for smaller contributors.

Please share this if you think anyone you know is interested in owning an original Lawvere oil painting, or would want to support this fight.

More soon...

Thanks Everyone!

Ouch, copyright is no fun.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I can't see too many people funding someone to sue the pants off their favorite band (even if it is deserved).
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Are we sure there aren't a bunch of Kreator haters out there waiting for their chance to strike? Laugh
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Rival Sodom or Destruction fans? Tongue

Looks like he's offering up Kreator-related stuff for auction though. Can't see a fan screwing their favorite band for memorabilia.
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Yeah I could see Tom Angelripper funding this Wink Although he had considerably "softened up" the last time I spoke to him a couple of years ago.
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