Wagakki Band - 雨のち感情論
I can't get enough of them. Maybe it's because their live shows are so awesome, and each one has gotten more elaborate. The live release they just put out a couple of months ago is amazing.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on Discogs.com.
Here's the trailer for the new single.

Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Looks like everyone had fun being Peter Pan for the day Big Grin
So the lead track is a fairly standard piece of J-pop metal with folky bits bolted on from the couple of listens I've given it so far - good, but somewhat "more of the same".

The b-side is somewhat different from the norm though, it starts off all WagakkiBizkit, downtuned guitars and electronica (no overprivileged fratboy rapping though thankfully) - then turns into a ballad (!?) offset with more chuggy downtuned guitars here and there. Personally I'm happy with their attempts to occasionally throw the genre kitchen sink in there so it's all good with me.
Yikes that description of the b-side does not sound good to me. Laugh
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
New version of Sasameyuki:

I was trying to work out what was new, but I think they just mean it has Chinese subtitles WTF?!?!?

Don't think this is like when K-Pop groups try to break into the J-Pop market and they record a new version, singing in Japanese though. This one is still sung in Japanese.
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!

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