Veiled in Scarlet - Lament
Yeah, that's much better. Why couldn't have they got him to do the last album? I still like the debut album with lower death growls (a bit different than the usual approach).

Yeah, Drizzly Rain has a stock classical melody - I've heard that one before, probably several times.

Blind pre-order for me.
Gah, I wish I could remember what it was. This is going to bother me all night lol.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Same here lol

I'm glad the band held together long enough to release this. Hopefully Keija will get suitable replacements soon. Some of these guys are/were in multiple bands, so I can see that being a pain esp. if you're working a regular job on top of it.

Makes me wonder what's up with Quiet Revolution - they used to share guitarists with Veiled in Scarlet, but both bands had a major lineup shuffle. I'm sure the Drama Llama reared his ugly head there.

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