[Translated] Mercury Interview - Metallion #60
Another short interview from Metallion, this time with with new girl's band Mercury (the one with the teeny-tiny bassist!). They lost second guitarist Erika shortly after this came out, but are still going:

Exclusive Interview #22


A fresh new band only just formed in June 2017!



(l. to r.) jun<b>, Satsuki<ds>, nahoka<g>, Hikaru<vo>, Erika<g>

————When was the band started?

Satsuki: It was in about March this year, I was introduced to jun by an acquaintance.

Jun: I started looking for members to become a girl’s band.

Satsuki: This was at a recruitment site! You could send an e-mail to the person named, and we gathered some surprisingly good members. I guess I was born lucky. (Laughs)

Jun: You say it for yourself? (Laughs)

————What were each of you doing before this band?

Satsuki: I was in a girl’s band.

Jun: I was the same. But in my case it was Visual Kei. (Laughs) After that band broke up last year, I composed a coupling song "ASHITA TREASURE !!" for Dorothy Little Happy 's "Bicolour no Koigokoro".

Hikaru: I was singing solo at cover events etc.

Erika: I’ve been playing in bands since my high school days, but in a rather laid-back way. (laughs)

nahoka: I went to a vocational school of music and was working mainly with bands on campus.

————Please tell us of your musical influences.

Satsuki: Mine were NIGHTMARE and PIERROT and such.

Jun: For me its L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, MUCC, girugamesh and MERRY, isn’t it?

Hikaru: I think I’m different from everyone else, but Tsuki Amano or SID.

Erika: You might say that, but I’m different again. (Laughs) For bands, EXTREME, DOKKEN, RACER X, RIOT and so on, and guitarists Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and so on.

nahoka: Mine are quite broad, MOTLEY CRÜE, BOØWY, VAMPS and SIAM SHADE. Guitarists include Gary Moore and Orianthi.

————What musical style are you aiming at for this band?

Satsuki: You can’t really put it in words, but it is our expression of HM / HR.

Hikaru: I want to do that in a stoical way.

Erika: I think that it’s a unique approach for a girl’s band, so I want to promote it.

————What are your CD release plans?

Satsuki: We’d like to put out a CD before the year is out I think.

Erika: It’s said that the first release, is the one that the band is judged on, so I think we’d like to produce HM / HR where the "likeness" of this band is conveyed.

————Please give us a message to end.

Satsuki: Since there is a live event at Big Twin Diner SHOVEL in Osaka on September 30th, please come to see and hear the band!
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!
Hopefully they can hang in there and not implode - from the little bit I heard, they actually have some potential.
Are there any clips of them? I’m basically on a new band hunt, and since I flicked through the magazine from which this interview was taken, I thought since I like a high percentage of the bands featured, I might check out some of the smaller bands I hadn’t heard of also.

I found their official Twitter easily enough, but that doesn’t seem to have an official site link, and having scrolled back through the last 5 months or so of tweets I couldn’t find any YouTube links...if you search for say “Mercury Japanese band” you get a load of Queen live footage etc...
First minute and a half of this event in July for Eizo Sakamoto is all I've seen so far:

Though FWIW it seems promising enough...

Their Twitter is @_Mercury_band
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!

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