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I have their one CD, its not bad. Not sure if they're threadworthy or not. Not too many good samples on youtube, bar some lives.
End All. According to their home page "We play Thrash Metal for beer". Bonus points for honesty, i guess?

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Who doesn't play thrash metal for beer?
Die for pizza! Laugh
(12-07-2017, 06:23 PM)Perdition Wrote: Who doesn't play thrash metal for beer?

I did for about ten years, since I never drank any alcohol in the first place Wink

But yeah, I think even the professional ones like Volcano wouldn't mind showing up for an extra crate Big Grin
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Just stumbled across Barriada's lone 1995 demo release, A.S.D.F., and I'm quite digging it. The first song is definitely some technical thrash metal mixed with traditional speed metal. I'm getting some Hirax and early Anthrax vibes, which isn't bad at all. I particularly like the tone and the stop-and-go rhythm.
Yeah the demo is really good.

Unfortunately it was the only release of the band as far as I know.
It would be nice to see a reissue. If that Jesus demo can be reissued, then so can many other demos. I'm not sure where to reach out to the band members. I know the vocalist was also in Vanguard, but he wasn't on their album.
Yup, I quite enjoyed that demo as well. The tech thrash leanings are always up my alley and the bass tone is killer. Reissue when?
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