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Huh, photos didn't look like a rental to me. Unless it's that little round silver sticker. Seen that on a few things now, but never gave it much thought.
Yeah they usually just put an extra sticker (with a copyright warning/notice) on a rental CD but other than that it's the same thing.
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Ok. I can live with that. I think one of the VHS tapes I picked up recently from Japan has one of those silver stickers on it.
I have a couple of rental CDs. All play just fine.

Most Southeastern Asian CDs have stickers on the booklets, signifying authenticity.
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Yeah, like I said, I noticed one of my recent VHS tapes (might be my copy of Sly - Kingdom Come Live) has a silver sticker on it. I never thought anything about it before, so that's probably to signify it's a rental copy. If that's all it is (and the pictures of where I got the description from don't show anything else), I'm perfectly happy with it. Now to see if I can actually get it from Mercari.
Sometimes there's something about it being a rental item printed around the middle of the cd. I have that with two Onmyo-za cd's. It's hardly bothersome though and it's a great way to get original items for a decent price.
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