Spira Spica (スピラ・スピカ) - 雪と星と僕ら (May 2, 2018)
Formerly known as Snowman, they will be making their nationwide debut on May 2nd.


03.in pairs
04.Enemy spotted!!

I notice this is on Tower Records (that store's label imprint). I thought they were on Sony. *shrug* Most of these songs are from their previous MCDs (which you need a shopping service to get). Kinda sucks "Good for Nothing" isn't on this. I notice this one is at HMV.

New PV (its started off like it was going to be a trailer). Pretty nice. Despite not having a fixed drummer anymore, they still sound in pretty good form.
Just finished playing this. No surprises here (for me) - the PV song + 9 songs from the previous 3 MCDs. Not sure if they're different version, but I'm sure the mastering is different. The songs from the 1st MCD sound a tad different though. Still annoyed "Good for Nothing" isn't on this, oh well, maybe next time.

Not sure how this will fit in my best of 2018 list - its still essentially a compilation (even though all the songs are good).

And it looks like their real major debut is coming in August.

[edit] Bleh, its only a single.

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