[Selling/Trading] Asian Metal CDs (no Japan) for sale / trade
Man, find some vinyls and take my money!
i don't search for vinyls unfortunately, even if I can find many old 80's and 90's from Malaysia and Thailand, but prices are totally abnorm and out of the market, it makes no sense to pay 80/90+ US$ for a mediocre malay metal band on vinyl...then I should resell it for.... 120-130 ? it's insane but the vinyl collectionism in south east asia reached prices that us western people can never afford. expecially in thailand.

in China....I don't know, I am on the black list since last april, so I can't enter the country. And my brother doesn't bring vinyl when he comes here once a year. Last time he brought one, it arrived totally cracked.

Maybe when I will move to Malaysia on august for work, I can try to find something overthere. But prices are absurd, I warn you
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soon a bunch of chinese old hard rock & metal on cd + something else, brought by my brother:

-The Breathing: CD 1990
-Again (轮回): 创造 (Creation) CD 1995
-Anodize (亚龙大, Hong Kong): Anodize 1994 CD
-Suld (战旗): 摩天骑士 2017 CD and also Lp version

and something else... I will let you know in a couple of weeks

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