Saber Tiger - Halos and Glare (Feburary 28, 2018)
So I guess the news is finally out, so I can finally inform you guys as well. Saber Tiger will be releasing its first official international release - though that Cleopatra Records compilation is commissioned by them - in May. Its title will be 'Halos And Glare' and its a box set containing 'Decisive', 'Messiah Complex', 'Bystander Effect' and a disc of assorted songs, demos and alternate versions. There will also be a one disc version with the highlights.

This version of 'Bystander Effect' will contain brand new English language versions of the four Japanese songs on that record, as well as the acoustic instrumental 'Ship Of Theseus'. The version of their classic 'First Class Fool' on the fourth disc is a new recording as well, with completely rewritten English lyrics by Fubito Endo, who wrote all the English lyrics for the last couple of albums. 'Light Thunder Light' is also there in an English version, but that one has been floating around on an obscure Korean compilation.

For more details about the tracklisting, I would like to redirect you to this page.

For those who are curious: 'Afterglow' is 'RinNe', 'One Last Time' is 'Shono Hate Wo Shira Zu'.

I am super proud of this release, because I have been correcting Fubito's new English lyrics and I will also be writing the liner notes for the release. In all honesty, Fubito's English is good enough, so it was more a polishing job than really correcting them, but I'm still extremely proud to have been involved.
Wow, it's cool that you got to play a part in its release.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Nice! I'll buy the boxed set for sure. 

Will they return to Europe/Holland in September?
I've been told that they will tour Europe from late August to mid-September. I haven't heard any dates yet though, but I'm sure there will be Dutch dates, as their label is Dutch.

And Dudemanguy, it's just been one honor after the other in the whole process Smile
(02-25-2017, 11:43 AM)Agonymph Wrote: I'm sure there will be Dutch dates.

Dan zie ik je daar!
Geen twijfel over mogelijk Smile
You could be their tour manager!
I'm not sure if I have the organizational skills to do so, but if they'd offer me some sort of function, of course I'd take it Smile
The Japanese girl who travelled with them will also join them for at least a week. She's learning German now for some reason, so she at least wants do join them for a couple of Dutch and German shows Smile
Those German shows might even to be closer to where I live than the Dutch shows.
I have no dates and locations yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they will be Smile

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