Rules/Guidelines for Creating Band Threads
Everyone is encouraged to create band threads here, but please keep the following in mind:

1. A band should be significant enough to warrant discussion. If they only released one demo then disbanded, most of the time you probably won't get too much discussion out of it (unless it has historical significance). So please use the subgenre catch-all threads for such releases. If there is enough interest, feel free to create a thread. If a release is new enough, go ahead and create a news article for it.

2. Create threads for bands that you are a fan of or are thoroughly familiar with. There's no point in creating threads for every band in existence. You should be able to field a discussion over the bands you are creating threads for. So if a band is obscure or has minimal releases but you know them inside and out, posting a thread is ok.

3. Put a bit of effort into your posts. I know I'm not the best here myself, but you should at least give a decent description, a bit of history, and maybe a bit of persuasion for why someone should click the youtube links you've posted. If you don't get much info in the first post, it certainly should be in following ones. In other words, it would be nice if you have a good understanding on the bands you're posting or at least have a vested interest in them. Like if you see a band on youtube you find interesting and will probably order their stuff soon, go ahead and make a thread. Some discussion could probably arise from this and you can expand on things as you get more into the band.

4. By creating a band thread, you have some responsibility to maintain it. Meaning revising the opening post periodically (esp. if youtube videos get taken down). Also, you should be providing minor news updates, PVs, lives, etc as they come along (good, cheap way to bump a thread too).

5. Please put the band in the right section. I know some of this stuff may be confusing (eg, doujin, VK, etc), but you should have enough grasp of the source material before making threads. If not, just put PVs and whatnot in the catch-all threads, that's what they're for.

6. If you want to see a thread created but don't know much about the band or whatever, post a request here.

I'm sure this will be expanded on in the future... Feel free to post any questions/concerns here.
Another thing, don't do too much at once. Like maybe 1-2 threads a day. Its counter-productive spamming a couple dozen threads in a short period of time. The quality of each thread will suffer, and chances are people will get flooded with too much information that they may ignore everything.
Just as a friendly reminder, all members are allowed and encouraged to create threads here. We do have standards when it comes to band threads, however. I'd love to see some non-staff members create more threads in general music, the pub, etc.
Just a friendly reminder: use the search function before making a band thread. There's a chance someone already made a thread for it in a different section, or it dropped to the bottom of the thread list. Redundant threads will be merged.
When you search, select to search by TITLE. That will guarantee more direct access to a said band's thread, if one exists.

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