Roman So Words - Roman's (May 2, 2018)
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad Studio Prisoner produced this. The re-recorded stuff sounds way different and since it's like half of the album, it's good that they aren't just retreads. Great album at any rate. "Lycoris" is one of their most complicated songs and I like the accordion. Tongue
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
(06-09-2018, 12:00 PM)Classic Wrote: Also, isn't the bonus track titled "紅蓮ノ華" - not that there's much of a difference.

It might be. I'll be honest: I just went with what came up from the Gracenotes db in iTunes. But I did do some searching and came up with the same info. Where did you come across that particular name? I'll be happy to change it on Discogs if it's a more reliable source.
It's a re-recording.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Ah, very cool; thanks. I'll make the change on Discogs.
Will have to contrast these versions with the originals, but I'm already appreciating real drums. Would be surprised if they do any more music though, this album seems like a closing statement to me. *shrug*
(07-21-2018, 12:16 PM)Perdition Wrote: this album seems like a closing statement to me

I sure hope not. Stop saying bad things. Tongue
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I’ve finally bought this, but need to wait till I get back home to listen to it.

Hopefully they’ll have invented headphones with an accordion filter by then. Wink
Liked it more than Es, at least on first listen.

Completely forgot that Haruka was on this, track 3 kicked in and I was like, "uh...that's not Miki...wait a sec... Now Playing "

The accordion was kept within acceptable boundaries also. All good so far.
I didn't even notice Haruka. Guess I'll have to pay attention to track 3 next time I play it.
She only sings a few lines on it. It's honestly pretty easy to miss if you're not pay that much attention to the vocals.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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