No reports of anyone being blocked in the last week or so, which leads me to believe that members are now able to visit the forums at ease. On the other hand, I'll have to look into what's causing the 500 internal server error pages to spring up, but I decided to be a little "creative" with it and just put a short message to simply refresh the page.

Still, if and when it happens again, let me know. Send me an e-mail or contact me via the forum IRC channel.
Chances are there will be less IP address blocks, but keep in mind that my e-mail address is different now. Refer to the first post.
Just so everyone is aware, any e-mail messages sent to admin [at] jpmetal [dot] org (old) will be forwarded to admin [at] japanesemetalforum [dot] com (current). I may or may not switch this around, but I'll make up my mind once summer ends.

Also, e-mailing me is intended for forum-related issues only, such as getting back into your account. Otherwise, I can't guarantee a all. If you want to share some piece of information that may benefit the community, then do it here at the forums.

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