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Rami was Aldious' first vocalist, who had to leave that band due to health reasons. Thankfully she got better and returned to the scene last year with a new project, Raglaia, isn't an easy band it pigeonhole, but I'd probably consider them groove/power metal with some alternative, gothic, and progressive tendencies. Guitars are really "modern" sounding.

Rami has a solo project called RAMI which will release its debut CD in a few days:
It's kind of weird that Kiyoharu of all people contributed a song. Listening to it again Remember is basically a J-Rock song with chuggy guitars.
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I think he contributed a song to the upcoming Rami CD too.

Its sad that Rami CD isn't even the #1 priority on the order its on (and its a pretty high priority in its own right).
Since my order is still in customs, I downloaded "Aspiration". Seemed pretty good, but one complaint I have is: its too short. It seriously needed two more songs and bumped up to the 50 minute mark. I did enjoy this a bit more than Raglaia though. This isn't a 100% power metal album, but I wasn't expecting it to be.
I think it's perfect the way it is. Hooked on it since the first go. (Well, maybe second, didn't expect it to be this diverse.) The fact that it contains a pretty long intro plus a cover song most likely indicates that she didn't have any other material of the same hig standard lying around, and that two extra tracks would only have brought the overall quality down.
This album works better than it should, having a wide array of songwriters is often a detriment.

"In My Eyes" being a textbook Syu composition, but "Forever Precious" he wrote as well, which is pretty different for him.

"Secret Flame" I like a lot more than I should *shrug* The thing that surprised me here is they used Swedish songwriters for this one - Samuel Waermo and Mats Valentin. I'm not familiar with either of them, but going from a google search, they've written for some pretty big names. So that tells me that this Rami project is a pretty big deal and someone threw some serious money around.

"Pray to the Sky" being the Yuhki composition and is IMO the best one on here. Again, a bit different to his style (more poppy than usual). This song seems to have a louder/different mastering than the rest of the album, which is kinda annoying.

"Sing For You" and "Rainwater" being the Kentaro (Gargoyle) compositions. Sing for You is cool as fuck - I get an 80s pop-metal vibe from this one. I wouldn't have expected something like this coming from Kentaro lol

Tetsuya Komuro composed 恋しさと せつなさと 心強さと, which surprised me. He's apparently a big-name producer over there (not familiar with his work either). Before checking the credits I had Syu pegged for this one.

For album #2 (and you know there will be one), I'd almost like to see Rami and Yuhki do a full-blown collaboration.

I like this album more than Fuki Commune, but not as much as Mardelas (fair comparison since all 3 are J-Metal diva projects). Mardelas has the advantage of being a full-time band. I'd love to see Rami have a consistent band behind her.
T Komuro was the biggest Jpop producer in the mid-late 90's, probably best known for Namie Amuro's 90's stuff. That he produced a song for Rami is kind of a surprise...interesting though.
I received a notification from Facebook that the Raglaia page has been renamed to Rami, and is now a solo page: https://www.facebook.com/RAMI.officialpage/?fref=nf.

I don't see any news about the disbanding of Raglaia, though. I posted a question to that effect, but haven't heard back.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, my collection on Discogs.com.
It wouldn't surprise me if Raglaia was a one-time thing. I heard it was put on temporary hold or something while Rami's project is focused on. Wouldn't shock me cuz the other 3 members are in other bands.
I liked the Raglaia album but I enjoyed the Rami effort more, I generally prefer stuff which mixes the styles up.

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