[Power Metal] Scarlet Valse
LTR: You (guitar), Shian (bass), Kakeru (vocals), Yo-hey (drums), Rin (guitar)

Scarlet Valse is an indie symphonic power metal band that wears their main influence on their sleeves. Despite looking like a Versailles tribute band half the time, however, their sound is more reminiscent of a more bombastic version of Megaromania.

They've been having some lineup troubles lately, with their drummer (Hiroki--not the one from D), bassist (Takuya), and rhythm guitarist (Jun) all leaving the band in the space of a year. They've since been replaced, with Yo-hey (ex. Pan-d-ra) on drums, Shian on bass, and Raizo (ex. Lafflesia) on guitar. ETA: Raizo left the band in July 2018 and was pretty much immediately replaced by Rin (ex-Misaruka).

Their vocalist, Kakeru, started his career as a Lareine roadie, which is probably why he looks like the bastard lovechild of 90s Kamijo and current-day Kamijo.

Since Scarlet Valse is a Starwave Records band, most of their releases have tiny physical runs, but their music is available on Spotify and for digital download.

first MV

from Genesis full-length

from Story EP

from Darkness Circus EP (their best release IMO)

from Reincarnation EP
I don't mind these guys, I think the potential is there as demonstrated in a few pretty decent songs, but they have yet to put it all together consistently. Shaking things up with some new members might achieve that.
So the new(...well...I only got around to listening to it today) single is actually a lot better than I expected:

Color me impressed. Sounds like the lineup changes are a net positive.
I agree, going by this it sounds like they're improving as a band. I rarely see improvement in Starwave Records' bands ever, so good for Scarlet Valse, hope they keep it going.
Musically it's pretty cool in deed, but I don't like those vocals and they're mixed in so incredibly loud that it's impossible to ignore them.
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Yeah, probably my least favorite thing about them is their vocalist, though he's also better than when they started.
I'm pretty good at ignoring vocalists, but the mix is so that he drowns out the music, which makes it significantly more difficult for me to listen through them Smile
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
A demo from Yo-hey up:

Bit of an abrupt end!
Uploaded because I couldn't find it online, but this song makes me think of a budget After Cloudia by these lovable budget Versailles clones. Tongue

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Hah, that opening part does sound pretty similar. Laugh
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