[Power Metal] Octaviagrace
One of my favorite bands at the moment. They essentially play a brand of melodic power/prog with J-Pop elements, not too dissimilar from Light Bringer. They consist of:

Miki - vocals (Roman So Words)
Hanako - guitar (ex-Albion)
Reanne - keyboards (Scrambled Soul Circus, Art of Gradation)
Yousuke - bass (ex-Cross Vein)
Ko-ichi - drums (ex-Cross Vein)

One of their more straight-forward songs. Pretty nice guitarwork.

Song off their new album - pretty catchy and I like the keyboards in this. Nice solo section too.

Live clip from one of their more elaborate songs. Hanako's tapping during the chorus and that part after the bass solo are pretty nice.

They have a full-length out later this year, which is one of my most anticipated albums for this year.
I already posted a news article on this, but suffice to say, their upcoming album "Outward Resonance" is my #1 priority now. I find it a bit strange they changed labels, but it seems like "Fores Trax" is a subsidiary of a larger label. So maybe they're moving up to the big leagues now.

Going from Metal_Detector's report (from M-A) of that live he attended, this album should be more upbeat and whatnot. So I'm expecting something closer to Light Bringer this time around. I think nearly every new song has been played live so far. "Seal Memory" I don't recognize (hopefully that's not an intro cuz that's a good song title) and I can't remember if I've seen them play "Starlit Memory" or not.

Not sure if there was any point in rerecording Dramatic Quiet. If they were to rerecord one song, Last Nostalgia would've been my pick (Miki kinda went off the rails pitch-wise on that one).
I'm sorry for never posting here lol. But yes Octaviagrace is fantastic. They're probably the main reason why I might be able to live with Light Bringer on hiatus.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
They've filled that void for me more than Fuki Commune, that's for sure.

I actually like this more than the studio version.
I'm not sure if I like that song better with or without the pitch issues. The tempo change is awesome though. It sounds a little faster to me.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
There's some new guitar parts added to it as well.

October 12th can't come soon enough. Outward Resonance should be a lock for my #1 of the year.
Hopefully, I'll be able to preorder it. I'm also expecting it to be number one, but then again the new Gargoyle or Hizaki album could be really close.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Still got that new Onmyo-Za as well (been quiet on their front). Mind you, Octaviagrace is capable of punking them out. Knowing how last year went, Mardelas will probably hang on to #1 anyway lol

Not sure when to expect a PV or trailer. I think they're done recording (or finishing up), then they have to mix/master the thing.
(08-26-2016, 10:19 PM)Perdition Wrote: There's some new guitar parts added to it as well.

October 12th can't come soon enough. Outward Resonance should be a lock for my #1 of the year.

oh so that's gonna be a thing, wow
Of course - its been available for pre-order for a month now.

I like the aesthetic they do with their album titles. Curious to see the cover for this one, but I'm sure it'll be in line with the first 2.

I hope the album will have some variation or room to breathe though. Both EPs are of perfect length for me.

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