Poll: Your Two Favorite Novela Albums?
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La Songerie (1980)
3 42.86%
In the Night (1980)
2 28.57%
Paradise Lost (1981)
1 14.29%
Sanctuary (1983)
1 14.29%
Harmagedon Story (1983)
0 0%
Harmagedon Story Part II (1984)
0 0%
Brain of Balance (1986)
0 0%
The Words (1986)
0 0%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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[Poll] Your Two Favorite Novela Albums?
I was considering extending it to three, but two would make the results far more interesting. I think it's plainly obvious that most of us would be unapologetic about preferring any of the first four albums, but I've allowed considerations for the two concept albums and the two, eh, stinkers that followed, leading up to the band's demise. Past 1983, Gerard (Toshio Egawa), Teru's Symphonia (Terutsugu Hirayama), and even the revived Scheherazade (Egawa and Hirayama back together) took the lead. Tongue

Anyway, picking my two favorite Novela albums was pretty hard, but I'd say that In the Night and La Songerie in that order suit me just fine. I love how raw, crunchy, and energetic those early albums sound. Very NWOBHM-esque for a progressive rock band, almost bordering on actual metal (e.g. "The Manor of Count Hydra", "Night with No Name"). Paradise Lost and Sanctuary are also very good, but they slightly dip in my honest opinion.

I'm going with the Sanctuary and La Songerie. Sanctuary because it's probably their most progressive/technical album (see "Through the Forest") and La Songerie because of the way it ends with 3 incredible epic tracks (those screams in "The Boyhood〜The Cliff" are insane).
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Congratulations! You've made your 20,000th post. Tongue

Yeah, those three epics in a row were awesome. Definitely a huge part of the album's charm.
La Songerie and In the Night for me, with Sanctuary a close third. Can't find much fault with anything they made though really.
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Paradise Lost has always been my favourite. I'll have to get back to this for a #2 vote, after I've played the other three early albums again.
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(03-06-2019, 09:09 PM)Painkiller Wrote: Congratulations! You've made your 20,000th post. Image

Hah, I didn't even notice that until this morning. Laugh
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