Poll: Flatbacker vs. Ezo
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[Poll] Flatbacker vs. Ezo
(07-04-2019, 04:43 PM)Masurao Wrote: The second self titled album of Loudness is the middle way, and it easily outshines EZO. Just listen to Racing the Wind.

That's my favorite Loudness album by quite a margin. I just love how well thrashy aggression and a glam metal feel in the rhythmic department come together on that one.
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I didn't mean to say they are not stupid, but EZO is on a whole other level with "I'm a dog for your bones / Make my monkey moan'
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I believe there is some political criticism in Flatbacker lyrics. The first album is called "Sensou" (War), but the subtitle is "Accident" (which is also the title of a song). I once read this might be a reference to the Japanese government that has the custom to talk about wars as "accidents".

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