Overpriced Listings (AKA 'The FUCK KUPIKU Thread')
In the last twenty years or so with all the hype about the vinyl resurgence, it seems like the market value of an album has increased dramatically. Most new CDs are still cheap, but vinyl of both new and used conditions tend to be a mixed bag. A new vinyl release can cost at least thirty dollars in the United States, and then you have all the smug online sellers who sell a slightly worn NWOBHM EP for hundreds of dollars, and some even nearing or exceeding the thousands!

It's just crazy that some people are that desperate to pay that much for an album. The "moral" crowd wonders why many have resorted to downloading, and you can now see why...
No arguments here, but what really grinds my gears is labels selling new albums in overpriced editions with useless packaging and trinkets. Its like all the crap on Nuclear Blast and Century Media is ran off an assembly line (just like the music... *zing!*)

I do have some 90s CDs which go for a moderate amount. Not in the morbidly overpriced black metal territory though.

Discogs has gotten pretty bad from what I heard, like worse than ebay. Amazon always has hilarious price-gougers, but those can safely be ignored.
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I think the problem is double-fold. You have the older folks (my age - over 40) that grew up in the metal hay day and would like so bad to have all those albums that either they owned or their parents did. Second are this newer hipster type of folks that seem to be able to scoop up every decent metal album on the planet and then go on to resell at an extremely inflated price.

One group feeds the other and so on. I was lucky enough to amass a good collection that I never got rid of in my younger days, but every once in a while I see something I want but refuse to pay the sill prices people are asking. If collectors would have a little more self control I think prices would come down a bit, at least to respectable levels.

Remember, it is only worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it.
The assholes asking $1000 for Prowler/Yoke of Steel's spilt. Yes, I realize there's less than 150 of them, but good god, Jurassic Jade had a release with 100 copies, which I believe I've seen way cheaper, like $200, or Mein Kampf's Speeder single (100 copies too) at a similar price to the Jurassic Jade release, so how can they justify asking a grand for it. Another one that drives me nuts is the pricing of Toshiya "Ran" Matsukawa's album Burning, for which people often want 300-500 bucks for the CD print of it, while the LP version goes for 100-150 usually (which is about the right price).
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Holy crap, that Vinterland "Welcome My Last Chapter" goes for 100-150 CND. I actually own that one (not much into black metal anymore, but that album is sentimental to me). Septic Flesh's "Esoptron" and Unanimated "Ancient God of Evil" (1st presses) are a bit pricey these days too. Getting the first version of a lot of those CDs is imperative because reissues often wreck so many things (and that's before the remastering hackjob).
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I'm reviving this thread and expanding a bit. In addition to whining about overpriced albums, this thread is a dumping ground for rare/overpriced CDs you see kicking around (yahoo auctions, etc). Japan is preferred, but I guess other things may be ok if you feel strongly about it. Its even better if you actually own the album and paid far less than what some asshole is charging for it.

Anyway, Zwei's "Distance" was one of my most wanted CDs (mainly cuz I couldn't find it) and I won a new copy recently for maybe 2000 yen (which ain't bad, but its still bad for a 2 song single. Anyway, some clown on discogs is selling it for $133 Canadian:


Its not quite as bad on Amazon.jp though.
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Good idea. Sometimes, I've whined about a few albums, but it's good to keep it all in one place. I totally forgot about this thread.

My complaint (for now at least) will be Doom's "Where Your Life Lies!?" which I've only seen at absurd prices (although someone apparently has sold it once on discogs for $80). 19,800 yen for what is probably their worst album? Ugh...

Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Old Japanese punk stuff tends to be priced horribly too, on Yahoo right now there's a single or something by The Execute which the dude wants two grand for. Needs a slap upside the head.
I think someone bought that overpriced Vivid Undress CD Laugh

Fuyusuru Neko is one of my favorite bands, but I don't really feel like spending 15,000 yen for a 2 song single (with really dodgy packaging to boot):

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Oh no, the dreaded envelope packaging. Guaranteed to be kinda scratched up on the edges even if it's never been played.

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