Ordering General Discussion (AKA 'The FUCK CUSTOMS Thread')
This thread if for discussing current CD orders, planning CD orders, shopping service runs, and other miscellany associated with CD orders. This thread is not for how to order from Japan (there's already a thread for that). New CD purchases can go in its own thread.

The main reason I made this thread is cuz this topic seems to crop up and derail other threads time and time again. Tongue

Anyway, I'm currently expecting 2 orders:

1) Octaviagrace, Pulmolight (2x), Zekkei Kujira, and 密会と耳鳴り (not sure what this transliterates too). That Octaviagrace is my #1 priority for this year, but the other stuff on this order I'm looking forward to as well (none of them are metal though).

2) Galneryus and Aldious' new DVDs. I'm looking forward to the Aldious one a bit more, honestly. Mainly cuz I already have a pile of Galneryus DVDs and I want to see how Marina performs live.

The Octaviagrace order cleared customs without a hitch, so I'm hoping it will reach me by Friday.

My small order from Noppin (Mamadrive x 3, some Omoime Gurasu single, and 2 Swimbrights singles) is in shipping process as well. Fun.
As we continue to grow and prosper, I'll get around to linking to the respective threads via the index page.

Definitely keep all posts related to ordering music here! I think we should also make exceptions for vinyl and cassette ordering, but CDs will definitely be the main format for the thread.
Good idea!

I'm currently anticipating my first big order (24 items) in months which is exciting. It will probably be here by tomorrow, and it should have the new Octavigrace, Rami, Gargoyle, and a lot of other things.

Actually HMV has a pretty solid sale right now (15% off coupon plus dvd discounts and stuff). I went ahead and made another big order for November 9th for the new Liv Moon and Syu's solo album. Some other stuff is on that one like D's upcoming album. If a better sale comes up in the future, I'll just cancel and remake it Tongue . That one I actually went all out and filled it up with 35 items lol.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Oh yeah, this covers all format types (topic title can be changed if it confuses anyone). I tend to refer to all music as CDs for some strange reason. Probably the same reason people use vinyl terminology for all music.

I'm gonna avoid any HMV sale with orders over 10k yen, because that's when customs starts to ding me. Those 20% @ 5000 yen ones are amazing though.

Oh yeah, I'll put any HMV coupon promotions in here.
Yeah the 20% ones are really nice. It looks like most of their campaigns are 10% or 15% these days (which is still pretty good in the grand scheme of things). Too bad they never have 30% ones anymore.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I'm expecting four this week:
  • the new Octaviagrace
  • the new Aldious live DVD/CD
  • Unlucky Morpheus - Affected
  • Unlucky Morpheus - 猫吟鬼嘯
Octaviagrace is coming from HMV and the other three are from Amazon Japan. The ones from Amazon Japan are scheduled for delivery via DHL tomorrow afternoon. HMV shipped Octaviagrace earlier this week, and it usually takes about three days, so I expect it tomorrow or Friday.
Damn, my order went out of customs this afternoon. I guess I'll be banking on Friday then.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Mine didn't arrive today (wasn't really expecting it until Friday). Canada Post tracking is down today - so I guess that means I can stop checking tracking every 15 seconds now Laugh

If everything arrives on Monday, that's probably ok. I still have a pile of new CDs I need to digest.
Mine looks like it left customs in Chicago only to end up at another USPS facility in Chicago. I'm not sure if that even matters, but I haven't seen it do that before.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
I hope they didn't turn into Canada Post and have it bounce around the country.

You guys still get mail on Saturday? (Canada doesn't)

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