Official Forum Bugs/Glitches/Problems/Feedback (AKA 'The Bug Painkiller Thread')
If I knew exactly what could be triggering this glitch, I could try to offer a solution. I know for a fact that I test the living crap out of my forums, yet I've never once had that issue.
I'm having the same issue as billm99uk and TimJ. Just started within the last week. I've done the Mark All Threads Read thing a couple of different times (since that had worked when I had a similar issue a while back), but it hasn't done the trick this time.

Unfortunately, I can't detect a pattern, either. :-\
So, here's a screen shot of what I'm seeing right now. I'm told I have 80 unread messages, but when I click that link, not only do I not see any unread messages, but I'm seeing a slew of read messages.
Actually when I click on view unread posts, it brings up an error screen :/
Check to see which forums your account ignored via Edit Options. No content will be pulled from them, if applicable.
I have nothing ignored, so that's not it, at least for me.
How many posts do you have set to display per thread page? I figured that if you maximized them and went through the last couple of pages, you just might be able to catch the posts that you didn't physically read.
Every time I open a thread with unread posts, I go back until I find the posts I've read.

Kind of anal about these things?

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