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Thrash Metal band End All won.

They played Wacken this year.

But didn't get the same attention as Lovebites.
(12-05-2018, 03:11 AM)qpr Wrote: Thrash Metal band End All won.

They played Wacken this year.

But didn't get the same attention as Lovebites.

Surprising really, I’m told that End All look quite the picture in little white cocktail dresses.
This from the RMG official Facebook - new release and (maybe international?) tour....

Happy New Year 2019

Happy new year.
We are celebrating 20th anniversary of RMG formation this year.So my wish.. the goal of this year is to release a new album and to do a 20th anniversary tour both domestically and abroad.
I hope that we and all of you are a wonderful year full of hope.
Thank you.
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Another update from the official Facebook page.

Short version - for the second year running, they entered the annual Battle of the Bands to send a Japanese band to Wacken.

But lost. But...they have a load of unreleased material (which they played at the show) and are now focusing on a new album.

Long version: (translation is Ueki-san's own, or at least provided by him - so a bit wobbly but no worse than Google Translate.)

Announcement of the results Metal Battle Japan final round.
We RMG have participated in this battle for two consecutive years.
Actually We realized the best play but We could not take top prize.
This time we played all unreleased songs.
For this day, I composed songs that did not lose to other bands with our unique arrangement.
It was important to create new things as an artist and I wanted it to be communicated to audiences and judges.
It was our goal to make this band feel as a band with a future even after Wacken's participation.
While continuing the band for 20 years, if I go beyond the category of genre and study the original, there will always be negative effects and risks.
It is important from now on to handle this risk well. And that will be necessary for the fusion with the past RMG style.
We have to hurry to make a new album to get more people to know the RMG.
We lost the competition this time, but I think the attitude as an artist who keeps producing things is right. .
The important thing is whether we can realize that our ability to produce things is high after the competition.
We did it this time.
go forward with confidence.
I really wanted to meet my best friend in Europe at Bakken. It is sad that the promise could not be fulfilled.
I will definitely go someday. Dreamland Europe.
Thank you my friend.

Rachel Mother Goose
Hideshi Ueki
The lost again? Too bad. Who won the event? Only one on that bill I could see beating them is Gotsu Totsu Kotsu.
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These guys....

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