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Ares are a melodic death metal band formed in Kobe centring on (brothers?) Yasushi (Vo, Ba) and Takeshi Higashimura (Gu, Keys) in 2003. They were later joined by Keiji Yanai (Dr) in 2005. After releasing a couple of demos, they picked up some support guitarists and began live activities, mainly in the Kansai region. In 2008 they independently released their first album "The Advent" in Japan, but on the following tour to promote the album, Keiji picked up some undescribed but apparently serious injury and they were forced to stop working. Five years later, they resumed activities, again with a revolving line-up of support guitarists. In June 2015 they took the unusual step of signing to Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records, who released their second full-length worldwide in August of that year.
Musical style is usually driven by the (very) fast-paced drumming, and/or (sometimes) keyboards. Vocals are uniformly harsh (as are the support vocals!). No idea what the language is. Fun, but don't play them too much or you'll get an impressive headache!
They've opened for the likes of Kalmah (Finland) and Vreid (Norway), Ethereal Sin (Japan), The Duskfall (Sweden) EQUILIBIUM & SuidAkrA (Germany) and Skiltron (Argentina) in Japan and I guess they would appeal to fans of those bands (well that's what the promotors obviously thought anyway!).

Anyway here's a few videos:

Here's an early live show, before the hiatus:

And a later one, post hiatus:

Live overseas in Taipei:

There's also a new four song EP "Revelation" free to download from December 2016 if you want a taster:

Revelation EP
Been trying to find Ares first album 'The Advent' for a while now, only to notice they were selling it (and their second album) on their homepage now, and accept foreign orders by PayPal: Ares Shop D'oh!

Anyway, got an (English) message from bassist/vocalist Yasushi today saying they've sent it out (with a 'Transience' CD - not sure if that's something else they've done, pretty sure its not the Aussie prog band!) and they will have a new album next year.
You can have a listen to Transience at their shop.

There´s a trailer of The advent and Transience when you place an order.
Ah, missed that. Thanks!
OK its the Higashimura brothers Metalcore side project I see.

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