[Math Rock] mudy on the 昨晩
They're one of the most talented math rock bands to sign with Zankyo record. mudy on the 昨晩 (mudy on the sakuban) is an all-instrumental group that's fairly technical at times, but they're pretty melodic and don't get too out there. One interesting feature is that they have 3 different guitarists. They're still together and do lives, but the last thing they released was "Zyacalanda" back in 2012 (which is probably their best release). It would be nice to get something new, but at least they haven't broken up or anything. Also, zankyo record videos are blocked in the US, so you'll have to work around it. I wish I could find more songs on youtube, but this will have to do I guess.

This one is easily one of my favorite songs from them. That dual lead part in the middle is absolute gold. Awesome drumming too.

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