Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - No New World (July 4, 2018)

New album announced. Normally I dread comebacks, but I'm hoping they still got it.

It looks like Flake Records is releasing it. That's a rather prominent indie music store (think of it as J-Indie's equivalent to SA Music). Normally I'd rejoice about no major label interference, but their only major label release had some of their most aggressive/noisy material on it Laugh
Website got a major update:

Here's the album cover/tracklist:


1. New Order
2. あさひなぐ
3. だったらいいのにな
5. No New World
6. HuHuHu
7. Sugar
8. スローモーションリプレイ

Going from the little bit in the trailer, this sounds very promising.

And its up at Tower. Hopefully HMV and Amazon follow suit. Fucking amped for this album, I'm hoping it'll be an AotY contender.

[edit] Its up at HMV now:

Packaging revealed. Oh no, a digipak. I actually don't mind digipaks in slipcases though.

Still waiting for mine to ship. Surprised there hasn't been a trailer or PV yet.

Sounds good, but a lot lighter than I was expecting/hoping for.
Listening to this now. (It's on US iTunes)

It's good, but definitely not as intense as her earlier stuff.
I was actually expecting them to go more aggressive since being free from a major label. Weird...

I'm guessing my CD will arrive early next week, so I'll hang in there until then.
Album is pretty solid, really short though. Can barely call this an album. Tempted on giving Natsuko Miyamoto's solo album a shot one of these days though.

New PV.

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