Mari Hamada (浜田麻里) - Gracia (August 1, 2018)
Mari Hamada will release her new album, “Gracia”, later this year.

She has a shiny new website, including a page for the new album.

The guest list is about as star-studded as it gets, although a bit Western-centric.

A non-exhaustive list:

Akira Takasaki
Paul Gilbert
Chris Impellitteri
Chris Broderick
Derek Sherinian
Billy Sheehan
Super excited for this. Feels like every artist I listen to is releasing something this year, minus a couple.

Also noticed she switched from Tokuma to Victor.
My only disappointment with the guest list is the lack of Nozomu Wakai. Otherwise, it's a great list.
(04-02-2018, 08:48 AM)bhg70 Wrote: My only disappointment with the guest list is the lack of Nozomu Wakai. Otherwise, it's a great list.

I’m not sure I agree with the (mostly) “West is best” approach that both Mari Hamada and indeed Wakai-san are taking on their latest releases in terms of featured musicians , but I’m sure the results will be good.
Yeah, I don't necessarily agree, either, although the fact that I actually like most of the guests (in both cases) helps.

I would rather it be a way for them to start guesting on western releases instead of the other way around, but I don't see that happening. Yet.

I do keep tagging Arjen Lucassen and Magnus Karlsson with vids of Fuki, EYE, and Marina, though. Smile

Back on topic, I am looking forward to this new Mari Hamada disc.
(04-02-2018, 12:12 PM)bhg70 Wrote: I do keep tagging Arjen Lucassen and Magnus Karlsson with vids of Fuki, EYE, and Marina, though. Image

Arjen prefers to record people in his own studio though... That'll be an expensive endeavor with Japanese artists Wink
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True, but he did talk about that on the documentary for The Source. He had several vocalists record in their home studios and was happy with the results. So I'm hoping it has opened him up a bit more to the possibility. Smile

But, yeah, I recognize that it's mostly a pipe dream but still....
Hugely anticipating this release. That guest list is insane, this could and should easily be Hamada's most metallic album ever. Takasaki + Impellitteri + Gilbert? Heart
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Release date is now confirmed as August 1 - just as well, I was thinking of whining yesterday how there's practically nothing on the release calendar for August.

There's a normal edition at 3000Y and limited edition (feat. bonus track and DVD) at 4200Y.

Image Image

Track list is:

1.Black Rain
5.No More Heroes
8.Right On
9.Heart Of Grace
10.Dark Triad

Bonus track version also has the track Seventh Sense, as well as a music video on the DVD.
I'll be curious for the trailer/mv or something.
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