Mandrake Root Records
It's just like what became of Terra Rosa's case. They debuted with The Endless Basis, and then about a year or two later, they're already releasing music on King Records!
I wonder how much they made out of licensing fees from Concerto Moon and Onmyo-za. Someone once told me that could be pretty lucrative business. Like... King re-released Onmyo-za's first two albums (those are the versions I have) but Mandrake Root must have had a slice of that pie.
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(02-02-2018, 02:52 AM)Agonymph Wrote: Is it weird that I don't really focus on labels? I know the first two Onmyo-za's were released on Mandrake Root and that there used to be a lot of mildly neoclassical stuff on the roster, but I never go like "this album is on that label, so I'm sure it's going to rule!" or anything like that...

I mean if this was the 90s it would be pretty strange not to check out any album released on Mandrake Root. Mandrake Root in their prime isn't my favorite Japanese label ever (that would probably be Crime or Made in Japan), but they definitely had a pretty killer roster. You can't overlook Onmyouza, Concerto Moon, or Terra Rosa (and yes I know there's more). Tongue
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Uli Kawamoto seems to maintain an active Twitter account, but hasn't said much there. He also has involvement in Animeguro, a type of festival.
Has his twitter been hacked or something? It seems automated to post a random symbol almost hourly... WTF?!?!? He's on facebook too, I think he's more active there.
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