Lovebites - Battle Against Damnation (June 6, 2018)
I do like the EP a lot, don't get me wrong, but I think that neither Break The Wall nor Above The Black Sea were really written with Asami's vocal strengths in mind.

I mean, I've been saying that she's easily one of the best female vocalists in Japanese Metal, up there with Fuki and Marina, but there are some glaring points where they found limitations to what she can do. I actually think that EYE would do Break The Wall better justice, for example.
EP is solid. I think I like this more than the full-length, but not quite as much as the debut EP. Vocals are still a weak spot (they don't detract for me though), but the instrumentation is quite good. Pretty good variation for an EP too.

I don't think this will top my EP chart though (metal or otherwise) - I actually like that Rakshasa a bit more. Tongue
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I need to give the new Lovebites more of a listen for sure, for some reason it hasn’t grabbed my attention but maybe it’s a slow burner.

I have that Rakshasa EP en route, I may end up seeing them in a month and want to be familiar with the songs if so - I remember liking the sound of the trailer.

I think the Narumi mini-album is still my #1 in that chart for now, if nothing else just because it came so far out of left field.
I think it came too soon following an album and EP.

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