Loudness - Live in Tokyo (May 17, 2019)
May is definitely going to be a busy month. I think this year may turn out even better than the last two years in metal, both for old and new bands.

Quote:Japanese metallers LOUDNESS will release a new 2CD+DVD, "Live In Tokyo", on May 17 via earMUSIC.

In September of 2018, an event called "Metal Weekend" was held at the famous Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. LOUDNESS headlined the event for four nights in a row alongside guest bands such as RIOT V and ANTHEM, making every evening a huge success.

The documentation of these glorious nights will be released as physical and digital version via earMUSIC.

The set on CD 1 is based on the setlist from LOUDNESS's legendary North American tour from 1985, while CD 2's songs mainly base on songs from LOUDNESS's third album, "The Law Of Devil's Land", and fourth album, "Disillusion". The DVD includes many songs from their latest album, "Rise To Glory" along with all smash hit classics like "Crazy Doctor", "In The Mirror" and "Crazy Nights".

Track listing:

CD 1

01. The Lines Are Down
02. Crazy Nights
03. Like Hell
04. Heavy Chains
05. Get Away
06. We Could Be Together
07. Loudness
08. In The Mirror
09. Crazy Doctor

CD 2

01. In The Mirror
02. The Law Of Devil's Land
03. Black Wall
04. Sleepless Night
05. Speed
06. Crazy Doctor
07. Milky Way
08. Ares' Lament
09. Dream Fantasy
10. Esper


01. Soul On Fire
02. I'm Still Alive
03. Like Hell
04. Heavy Chains
05. The Sun Will Rise Again
06. Go For Broke
07. Ares' Lament / Until I See The Light
08. Kama Sutra (Instrumental)
09. Crazy Doctor
10. In The Mirror
11. S.D.I.
12. Loudness (with Masayuki Suzuki)
13. Crazy Nights (with RIOT V)
There's a super limited exclusive expensive rare version with multiple blu-rays and CDs and tons more stuff. https://wardrecords.com/products/detail5012.html

EDIT: This version seems to be mixing and matching content from the Japanese releases. I'm getting sick and tired of multiple different versions with multiple different tracklistings.
Ah ward records huh. They always have special editions of everything for whatever reason. I've never actually bought anything from them though.
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I'm a die-hard Loudness fan, but I forgot when it was the last time that I really got excited about a video release from them. Too much stuff.
(03-30-2019, 02:39 PM)embryo6 Wrote: Too much stuff.
Too much stuff...no one needs? Big Grin

I agree that their prime years are far, far behind them at this point. It's nice to see three-fourths of the original line-up still performing together. Also, Akira Takasaki is writing better songs than he used to in the 1990s as a whole (excluding the KILLER self-titled album, that is).

I just hope Loudness can still pull through with a proper North American tour sometime in this century, because I'm still pissed off at myself for missing them just days apart from a show that I saved up for.

P.S. Time to level up to Anthem. Wink
Yeah, having seen Loudness twice, I would love to see them at least once more. I'm pissed off with this release, as at least the Japanese 2CD contains This Lonely Heart, which is probably my favorite Loudness song of all time.
It does kind of annoy me that it's once again most of 'Thunder in the East' and the same classic tracks. I'm a sucker for 'In the Mirror', 'S.D.I.' and 'Black Wall', but I fail to see the added value of having most of these songs for the millionth time. And I for one would not mind if they scrapped 'Crazy Night' indefinitely Wink
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A deep cuts show on DVD would be nice sometime. Bring out some of their many quality but less famous songs that they haven't done in a long time.
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I do have one from a tour on which the setlist contained a lot of deep cuts from the first five albums, but that one is ten years old by now.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
What on earth is a "pre-listening"? Is it like a "pre-annoucement announcement"

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