lical - filmeld filament (July 18, 2018)

New MCD coming out in June (announced at their recent one-man). Hopefully this one will actually be available nationwide. My MCD charts this year is going to be brutal.

Delayed, bummer. I hope nothing bad happened.

Announcement coming.

New MCD filmeld filament is out on July 18th.

1. blackout
2. 群青的終末論
3. マゼンダシンクロニズム
4. yellow iris
5. 漂白
6. Ash

It appears to be a Tower exclusive... again.

Some recent live photos.

I'm hoping we'll see a new PV shortly. I already have this pre-ordered. I'm hoping this album will be darker than the last one.

PV incoming, I guess. Can't wait.

Sounds pretty good.

Trailer. Hopefully FJ will receive that Tower order soon...
New CD is pretty solid. Not sure if I like it more than the previous CD though. マゼンタシンクロニズム is another Polkadot Stingray-ish song (their debut had one too), but with really screwball-sounding guitar effects. "yellow iris" may be the poppiest thing they've done, but is quite good (maybe my favorite song from this thing). 漂白 is the brooding number on here. Ash is a pretty cool math rock track in line with Empesea and Undry. I'd say overall this album is a bit more mature and less miserable than their previous outing. Not sure if this will top my MCD chart, but it'll be in my top 10 easily.

This band always reminds me that I should check out the cabs one of these days.
(07-24-2018, 07:57 PM)Perdition Wrote: the cabs

I have some of their stuff and I like it, but I'd be pretty surprised if you end up liking them though. Very post-hardcore-esque math rock.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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