Lazy - Slow and Steady (December 6, 2017)
(12-03-2017, 02:08 AM)TadakatsuH0nda Wrote: They're on Lantis I guess because they've been creating a few anime themes in their most recent discography. That and it's the label that their vocalist Hironobu Kageyama has been on for both his solo career and with JAM Project for quite some time, so it's likely convenient to put Lazy there too, since he's been a staple of the label.

Ah that makes sense. Seeing Lazy in a sea of very obvious otaku/anime/video game stuff is still a little weird though. Laugh
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It's so sad to see 3 of them without Higuchi and Tanaka... Sad

I'll check this single out, but to be honest, I didn't feel the need of a new Lazy release.
Funnily enough Hironobu turned up in my YouTube stream today, jamming with guitar prodigy Kyoji Yamamoto (who just had a single out himself):

Full MV up now:

A lot better than the tiny sample on the first page led me to believe, Kageyama sounds good and there was a rather soulful and emotional Takasaki solo too. I hope the song "1977" will be a hard edged rocker. "Happiness~二人で過ごすX'mas~" sounds like a total uninteresting softie. Tongue

I'll never get used to modern Loudness/Lazy without Munetaka Higuchi pounding away on the drums, it just doesn't look right...
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Yes his voice still sounds great.

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