Latest Purchases
I recently placed a few orders for CDs. Some of the notable ones are Anthem's Seven Hills and Overload, Eizo Sakamoto's solo albums, Bowwow, Loudness' Thunder in the East, and Kruberablinka's Conicalify. Will post a picture of the entire haul soon
Canada post is threatening to go on strike, so I won't be able to order for awhile. But here's my latest purchases over the last couple weeks.


Paradox "Pangea" (Japanese pressing)
-Pretty cool album from German power/thrash greats.

Fuki Commune - Welcome! (limited edition)
-New project by Light Bringer's vocalist extraordinate Fuki. Some songs are power metal, while others are pop/rock.

Disqualia - Blazing World
-All-girl heavy/power metal band formed from ex-Destrose members. Very talented band with nice drumming and really good guitarwork.

Gacharic Spin - シャキシャキして!!/アルブスの少女 (regular edition)
-Not sure what the heck this band is. Electro J-Pop/J-Rock with some power metal elements.

My Material Season - Desire in the Black Material
-Neoclassical melodeath in the Serpent and Veiled in Scarlet tradition. This is just one 20+ minute song.

V/A - Red Zone - The Animation "Terraformars Revenge" Songs (Fuki has a song here, hence me getting it)
-Bad bang for the buck, but Zwei and Fuki have a song on here.

Cube-Ray - The Shadow of Eruption
-Pretty cool prog that doesn't ape Dream Theater, yay!

BLACK YAK. - Arcturus
-J-Pop turned semi power metal. Pretty good actually. A couple members of Rajas play in the support band.


矢島舞依 -有罪 (type A and B)
矢島舞依 - シグナル (type A and B)
矢島舞依 - 鼓動 (type A and B)

Anime-ish poppy J-Rock with some metal tendencies (similar to Yousei Teikoku). They went full metal with their latest MCD.


Adrastea "The Ruins of Reminiscence"
-Excellent female-fronted symphonic power metal

Varioustorm "Prayer of the Phoenix"
-Pretty cool 80s ish hm/hr

Lipstick "Killer Tunes"
Lipstick "X-Sense"
-3/4ths female hard rock/heavy metal. 2nd album is pretty good actually.

Rakshasa "Promo 2016"
-this is actually the first digital album I purchased. Pretty cool folk-tinged power metal featuring the vocalist from Dragon Guardian/Dragon Eyes + members of Ethereal Sin.


Both on CD
My budget for music is going to be tight over the summer but I am waiting on a cd of Anthem's Bound to Break
Recently obtained a CD of Warlord's Best of Warlord
I finally got to place an order on Terra Rosa's "Hi no Naka ni Kage" ("火の中に影") single. Got it for ten dollars. Really wish that "Craggy Rhymester" was used on Sase.
Last night I scored Shella - Listen LP on discogs. It's one of several Mandrake Root releases I've been looking for for quite some time.
I haven't really bought anything recently. I got Witching Slaughter's debut and the latest mandatory purchase of True Thrash Fest.
My latest. Venom - Welcome to Hell, original press on Neat Records with silver Neat labels. Unfortunately it does not have the lyric sheet . Picked it up for $10
Also picked up from the same source Misfits - Earth A.D., 2nd press on Plan-9. $15

Not too bad


Posting in the correct place this time Big Grin

Here are my latest deliveries from Japan (not all metal)

Mary's Blood - Live at Blaze DVD (awesome concert)

Pikarin Shiina - Shinryaku Pikarin Densetsu (regular and limited editions, I must have all the things)


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