Last May Jaguar - Reloaded (June 13, 2018)
I considered the debut a 6/10 album when I initially got it, but I was so into J-Rock/J-Metal at the time that a 6/10 was perfectly ok. The debut had a couple decent songs, and some iffier ones (nothing really abhorrent though). I don't think I liked the production either - but most production jobs on Victor I tend to dislike *shrug*
I don’t think they have their own thread (at least a search on “Jaguar” didn’t turn it up) so dumping this here.

Saw the show a couple of days ago, they were playing with Asura and some other random band.

Yurica opened the show doing a couple of numbers with just piano (their second guitarist also does keys/programming, so he was the accompanist).

As Perdition said, LMJ does have the strong whiff of a project being thrown together around the singer, but whatever. I think they’re enjoyable enough.
If someone wants to make a thread for 'em, go for it. I'd say put them in the "Alternative/Loud Rock" section.

If Google Translate is correct, this is a digital-only single.

One of the tracks was already released on the "Reloaded" mini-album - in which case it seems beyond pointless to duplicate it on a digital format, where you can pick and choose which tracks you buy (WTF?!?!? ) but whatever.

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