Knights of Round - In the Light of Hope (May 22, 2019)
Flower metal fetishists rejoice, as Knights of Round announce their first full-length in 2 1/2 years, "In the Light of Hope".

They seem to be off Walkure and onto the Repentless label - shame since Walkure puts everything on iTunes, but there you go. Price is 3000Y.


Details are taken from their official site.
"Repentless" doesn't exactly strike me as the name of a label that would carry flower metal, but I guess it happens. Laugh
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They do have Baskerville to keep them company in the label's non-extreme department at least. Tongue
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Track list out:

Blurb states they are moving to a more English-centered album, after the Japanese-centered 'Meaning of Life'.
Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!
I thought Knights of Round was already pretty much all engrish. I must have been mistaken.
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.
Here's the trailer.

And, well, it sounds pretty much exactly like a Knights of Round album.

Do you want some Google Translatese about the new album? You DO?! well it's your lucky day, goddamit.

[Interview] KNIGHTS OF ROUND "I am doing metal in love with Kusametal"

2019.5.15 9:42

The domestic melodic speed metal band KNIGHTS OF ROUND will release its fifth full album on May 22nd.

Their core attraction, "Kusametal", but also their lyrical and lyrical qualities are the motivations to challenge various music as it is. YAZIN (G), Caz: nie (Vo), Ryusa (G) talked about the new album that I made with the members from the previous work.

ニ ュ ー New album “IN THE LIGHT OF HOPE” ... from the title, it is just as usual (laughs).

YAZIN: I'm glad (laughs). Thank you very much. The song was made about a year and a half ago, but it is long from there and it feels like I finally managed to finish it.

Caz: nie: I have written all the lyrics from the 2nd album, but many of them are based on the "hope" that I put in the lyrics, so I feel like pushing it out to the front. Originally it was the title "NO HOPE NO LIFE", but finally it became this.

Is your work a concept album now?

Caz: nie: No, not. The concept album has not been done since the 2nd album. I want to revive in the next work, but because the lyrics are very difficult (laughs). Although there is no specific connection with the previous work, "He" appears in the artwork of the jacket. It is the story of "He".

メ ロ デ ィ Melody stands out from the previous work, but is there a factor?

YAZIN: I changed the method of song making from the previous album. Until around the 3rd album, it was a feeling that I recorded the melody that I floated on the smartphone and built it with emphasis on the melody, but the atmosphere of the song changed by twisting one more time this time and trying to play with the chord. I think that is.

It also feels like a symphonic and orthodox melospic.

YAZIN: Well, because it was a symphonic metal that was influenced by Rhapsody and so on until the 3rd album. The place with the keyboard arrangement is also big, but this time I say it a bit more Melospi-like, or because there are also songs and music-like things that are closer to meloh, I was more inclined to it as a percentage. As we put up melodic speed metal band, we put such a song in the album as axis, but we aimed for the making of the album not to get tired that expanded the width from meloha to death metal style other than that . Of course to Merospifan, I wanted to be something that other people could listen to.

There are a number of songs that are likely to be representative of the band, such as "From Father to Son", "Mystic Eyes" and "Before It's Too Late".

YAZIN: I made "From Father to Son" conscious of Kusametal, but arranged the arrangement so as not to become too symphonic, being aware of the recent trend. RIHITO (Dr) who joined from the previous work put a ride and splash in the sprint, and because it also sounds a lot of metal objects in South American metal elements, it is a feeling that aimed at Angra + Rhapsody. "Mystic Eyes" is called a iromono frame, I made it from a riff and tried to put in a strange beat. If you like this, you may like a wide range of music other than Melospi. The synths are unisoned with the musical tones and sitar tones to create an oriental exotic atmosphere.

Caz: nie: KNIGHTS OF ROUND's songs are relatively few songs with simple melodies, so I felt that it would be difficult for the audience to sing live. I wanted a song that made it easy to understand and enjoy choirs like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest who could live and sing lively. Ryuusa's songs "Before It's Too Late" and "The Game of Life" are close. The lyrics that everyone can sing and swell with rust are also easy.

Ryusa: I did not have many chorus-like power metal songs so far, so I aimed at it. It's a rather unnatural, German-style straight feeling, and it may not be as good as me, but I think it's a live reflection.

-"Hand in Hand" has a taste like J-POP, too.

YAZIN: "Hand in Hand" was created with an awareness of the journey and so on that you can use for a wedding.

Caz: nie: The lyrics also have an unusually clear designation (laughs), and they say that they are to be used at every aspect of the wedding (laughs).

YAZIN: Also, "Fight Destiny" with Anison Posa and the bright song "You" The Creator "" are standard. The NU metal cover "The Voyage" with digital synths and "Even If You'll be Gone" with experimental elements were new attempts. The last "Anthem for Dreamers" is a finished "Ryusa" rearranging the melody of the song "Excalibur", which was included in the demo before releasing the 1st album, and fusing our old days and the present melody I made it.

Ryusa: It sounds like you created a new main melody of "Excalibur".

Caz: nie: I left the words "Excalibur" as well, and I wrote new ones.

Why did you change the lyrics back to English?

Caz: nie: There was an opinion that English was better, and English was more addicted to melody. The previous work was daring to use Japanese lyrics, though.

YAZIN: Last time, I think that the Japanese lyrics made Caz: nie's song softer. I directed with a sense that the softness could be put out with English lyrics.

Caz: nie: In Japanese, the lyrics may be too sharp (laughs). Mixing Japanese and English is also difficult to balance, and English lyrics are very difficult to pronounce. I am inspired by lyrics from films, paintings, books and my own experiences, but I always write from the images that came to my mind listening to the melody. "Fight Destiny" is a matrix trilogy (laughs).

Have there been any new attempts at recording?

YAZIN: In terms of the guitar, I have a half-stopped lead. It is the latest fashion to put out the element of crying (laugh). There was also a guitar battle until the last work, but there is also a riff part that I want to fit together this time, and the composer plays all parts.

In terms of the overall sound, isn't the base recessed?

YAZIN: I'm recording this with a fretless bass fingering, and I considered the balance between the round and mild bass sound and the melodic sound. Depending on the song, for example "Mystic Eyes" was conscious to coordinate the slap blick sounds. Most of the guitars are Ibanez and I also use Valley Arts in the battle section.

Ryusa: With regard to drums, it seems that it was more difficult this time than the previous work.

YAZIN: The previous drummer was a flashy type of tom turn, but RIHITO who joined from the previous work is good at incorporating the ride and hardware in the back.

── That area is also a place to listen to. Who are you influenced by guitarists and singers in the first place?

YAZIN: I originally liked Yngwie's fast-playing harmonic minor, but I gradually became a guitarist with a melody-oriented guitarist like Sakai-san, and I like Michael Amot.

Ryusa: I was not a guitarist unit. Originally I listened to people who liked SEX MACHINEGUNS and ANCHANG was affected, but recently it is rock in general rather than metal, and I also listen to Joe Satriani and Guthrie Govan. On the contrary, I'm not going through Yngwie, but is it okay (laughs)?

Caz: nie: My number one is Rob Halford. I don't really sing that much now, but I guess there's a little Michael Kisuk? I also like Jeff Tate, Roy Khan, and a little opera-like person. But I also like rock and roll Brian Johnson, and KNIGHTS OF ROUND wanted me to have a beautiful song, so I only came out with that kind of part, but this time for the first time a bit dirty part is coming out "The Game of Please listen to the first A melody of "Life".

How do you feel that you can be listed as a representative band of Kusametal?

YAZIN: I don't know if I'm the representative, but I'm glad I'm doing metal in love with metal. However, there is also a sense that the definition of rubber metal has also changed, and I think that people who had hooks and accents from the big ones now receive it, and have changed with the times. Caz: nie's voice is rather thick, so if it's too flimsy, it will become dull and I think about that.

ク サ Craps and dumplings are a lot of paper.

YAZIN: That's right, depending on the part, it's tedious (laughs). It is different from tears and tears, I think that we grew up while leaving our uniqueness. The atmosphere is Nordic metal, but I think that it is our attraction that there is also a Japanese character, so I hope that you enjoy it as well. There are some killer tunes, but there is an abandoned song. We make it conscious of making accents so that we can enjoy and enjoy songs that are not the flow of the album or the melody every time, so I want them to listen through it.

予 定 Do you plan to live?

YAZIN: There will be a live from Reko at Shibuya GARRET on July 15 (Monday). Even if I always released it I went back to production once I did a live performance once or twice, but I would like to change my mind a little (laughs) and also want to increase the number of live. I also want to do our sponsored <Excalibur Fes> again.

Caz: nie: I tried to put out a new style that I have never had, so I hope you enjoy it including that part. I have also translated English lyrics, so please listen while watching the lyrics while reading the video.

Ryusa: I have been the longest-lived member of any side guitar, but it's the first time I've put out my own music in this band. So I'm looking forward to the reaction of the fans too.

YAZIN: Every time I think that the latest work is the best masterpiece, and because it has become a condensed content that also adds to the flow of the current period after knowing the old Merospi period, so many people I want you to listen to it.

Interviews: Sweeet Rock / Aki

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