JMF Album of the Year 2017!

And we're back! The year is almost over again, so it's time to start thinking about your favorite albums of 2017. Like last year, the poll will officially close on February 14th to allow some time for those late December releases to arrive and be digested. However, I'll be sure to periodically bug people in the thread. This year will be mostly the same as last year, but there will be a few differences.

Here are the current categories:
  • Full-Length Albums
  • EPs/Singles/Mini-Albums
  • Surprises of the Year (Removed)

Most notably, the western release section has been completely removed. If you recall, it was a disaster last year. There were 62 unique entries out of 65 total albums in that section. Also, most of the staff hasn't bought any 2017 western releases anyway, so you'll just have to put up with our weebness. Tongue You're always free to discuss your favorite western releases in the thread later when it's all said and done (or any other category you can think of). The full-length album and EPs/Singles/Mini-Albums categories will work mostly the same as last year, but this time I'll be a little more flexible. There was a certain Band-Maid release last year that had some disagreement over the exact classification.

99% of the time, we will follow what the band says a release is. So if they say its a 30 minute full length album, then it'll be considered a full-length. However, the one exception will be if a release has a large amount of songs (~8+) and a notable runtime (~30 minutes+), then we may consider that release as a full-length even if the band claims it is a merely a mini-album. I know this is very ambiguous, but if you have any questions about a particular release just ask in this thread and we'll clear it up.

What's new this year is a "Surprises of the Year" category. The title should be pretty self-explanatory. Any release that surprised you (in a good or bad way) is valid for consideration. For this category, rank the albums by how much they surprised you. So a terrible album that came out of nowhere would be the #1 surprise (I don't think we have too many of these). The point of this category is to gauge what were the most unexpected releases of this year and that can be good or bad of course.

Also, this should hopefully be obvious, but please only Japanese bands for everything. The domain of this website is "" after all! The genre does not matter at all. Your picks can be metal, rock, jazz, pop, or whatever. As long as the artist is Japanese, it's cool. And please, only albums actually released in 2017! No reissues. For our purposes, we will count nationwide/in-store releases as the official release date. So something that has a venue release in 2017, but a nationwide release in 2018 is not valid for this poll. However, a venue/live-limited release in 2017 that does not have a nationwide release date is valid. For a specific example, the new Regnum Caelorum Et Gehenna will not be valid for 2017 (since the nationwide release date is in 2018), but the Unlucky Morpheus single is valid (since the nationwide release date was in 2017 despite it going on sale first in 2016).

Here's how it will work. PM me, Dudemanguy, up to ten picks for each category you want to enter. You can give me a full list of 30 different releases (10 for each category) or you can just PM me 1 or 2. It's up to you. Be sure to clearly mark which category your picks are in and also be a good person and number them for me. That way there is no ambiguity and I know exactly what your top ten picks are.

Scoring will be done on the same weighed voting system that was used last year. The reason for this is to generate a nice ranking of this forum's favorite Japanese albums for 2017. There's a specific example, here, if you care to see my reasoning. Think of it like getting first place overall in multiple races like in Mario Kart. It's basically the same idea.

The points will work out as follows:

1st Place - 16 points
2nd Place - 13 points
3rd Place - 10 points
4th Place - 8 points
5th Place - 6 points
6th Place - 5 points
7th Place - 4 points
8th Place - 3 points
9th Place - 2 points
10th Place - 1 point

However, there is one caveat. You will only get the "full" points listed here if you submit a full list of 10 picks. If you choose to submit less, then your scores will be knocked down by a few tiers. For example, suppose you send a list with only 7 picks. Then you will be knocked down 3 tiers (10 - 7), and your first place pick will be worth 8 points, your second place pick will be worth 6, then 5, 4, and so on. The most extreme scenario would be sending only 1 pick, then that album will only be awarded 1 point. The reasoning behind this is simply to prevent being spammed by a bunch of people submitting only 1 album. Remember we want a good count for an overall ranking, not just first place!

Also as a courtesy, please don't posts your, absolute final picks/lists until this is all done. I'm not saying you can't discuss what albums you like or don't like, but I'd prefer to keep this in suspense. If everyone starts posting what their picks are, then you can add up what the votes are and be tempted to vote based on that. We'd like to be as unbiased as possible.

And also it goes without saying, but only one vote per member. Don't be a douchebag and make a bunch of fake accounts just to send in the same list over and over again. It will be obvious and we can see your IP anyway. You are welcome to revise/change your vote anytime before the poll officially closes. So don't panic if you change your mind. Just PM me your updated list and I will correct it.

Last year, I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried that we would only get like 5-7 submissions, but we ended up getting double that when it was all said and done. We've got more people now and a wider range of tastes, so I'm looking forward to seeing the results. This should be very interesting, and I encourage everyone to participate even if you can't make a full list of 10 in every category.

If you have any questions, post them here and I will be happy to answer when I can.
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If we send only 2 album names to you, will they get 16 and 13 points or will there be a readjusted scoring ?
It would be readjusted, so in that case they would get 2 points and 1 point.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.
Oh... Sad

So, I have to listen to a lot of 2017 albums until February 14th !! Laugh
Wouldn't the preferences of those with a lot of albums weigh much too heavy in that case, though?
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Well, it's intended to weigh heavily on those with a lot of albums. I have nothing against people who mostly listen to old stuff or whatever, but my reasoning is that people voting for "2017 Album of the Year" should actually listen to a lot of 2017 albums.
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Well, if someone can't find that many albums they like, then their opinion doesn't matter. Tongue Just kidding... somewhat. It would be like me trying to do up a list for best western metal albums of 2017 (I only have 2 and they're 7.5/10 at best) - so my opinion would be pretty irrelevant in that regard (just like all modern western metal is irrelevant to me).
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I think going for the low end of the points scale is a bit harsh. I would also agree that 16 and 13 in the case of this example may be a bit much, but I sure as hell haven't heard ten Japanese albums that deserve points this year and this system certainly encourages including them nonetheless.
If you can't get enough of me giving my opinions without having asked for it, you can read more of it on my Kevy Metal weblog.
i can only think of one EP i got this year.. and i thought last year was bad..
(12-03-2017, 02:37 PM)Agonymph Wrote: I think going for the low end of the points scale is a bit harsh. I would also agree that 16 and 13 in the case of this example may be a bit much, but I sure as hell haven't heard ten Japanese albums that deserve points this year and this system certainly encourages including them nonetheless.

Well yeah, the system is intended to ask for your 10 top ten Japanese albums. That's why the intervals increase as you go up, to encourage as many entries as possible. If you're mean and think your top 10 albums all suck, well that's on you not us. Tongue
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