Jill's Project / Aphrodite / Masashi Okagaki and Friends
Jill's Project and Aphrodite are two bands that famous Terra Rosa and Precious keyboardist Masashi Okagaki has been involved in since about a decade ago. Jill's Project dates all the back to 2004, with Aphrodite being a little more recent.

A lot of Jill's Project is comprised of background music for video games and television. Their debut album, Last Contract, is highly recommended. Mandrake Root Records handled the band until the business dissolved in 2009.

Check out Aphrodite at their Bookface.

And here's an Aphrodite song (Starless' current vocalist is in this band, hence why I checked it out). I'm sure the drums are programmed, but they use a real drummer live.
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I couldn't find any Aphrodite songs, but thanks for posting another video here.

Not sure about the programmed drums part, so I'll have to get back to you on that.
I could be wrong, but they sound kinda rigid/programmed to me. Programmed drums are the norm with doujin bands. Sparespine being a rare one that uses real ones.

These bands expand to full-lineups live though.
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I could see that. As we discussed before about live support, it's likely more of a liability than an asset to record with a full band, as you have extra people to house and feed, as well as putting up with their lame attitudes when disagreements happen.
triggered by a deep-rumbling Hammond organ yet again...what do you mean you can get Jill's Project stuff on iTunes...?...bought.
Always great to know that I am at fault for draining yet another bank account! Laugh
I will not listen to these. Must remain strong....

Crap, that didn't last long.

I should have stopped the Aphrodite song during the intro. It didn't grab me right away, but by the time the singer came in, I was hooked.

I'm not sure where to get those Aphrodite's from. Maybe Disk Heaven or S.A. Music (I got mine from there, but I dunno if they're still in stock).
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Just got the first full-length by Jill's Project. I really should not read lyric sheets by Japanese bands, there is some truly epic Engrish going on here.

Never mind, will filter the words out and just listen to the music, which is good.

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