Anytime man Smile I love to spread the word regarding to this stuff Smile The fact that I got one of the guitarists in my last band to love The Fast Show as well did drive our other band mates up the wall. They couldn't stand any more of the references to cheesy peas, Pissi Bir, Ron Manager, "I'm not pissed, you know?" and Channel 9 Wink
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I merged the two jazz threads. Seemed a bit redundant.
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Keiko Matsui is probably one of the queens of Japanese smooth jazz, though definitely not 'fusion' by any means. I've also enjoyed Hiroshima. Apparently, Asian-American Jazz had its own scene here in the States, mixing traditional asian music with modern jazz.
Hmmm... how about this, Tenpei Nakamura (piano) & Maoki Yamamoto (drums) have an album out:

Hmmm... Jazz with... shamisen and interpretive dance?

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Isn't that just the guy's keyboard with a funny setting? Still sounds cool. Haven't heard of Dezolve before.
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Not sure I'd run out and buy this, but its definitely pleasant and not too hellishly removed from some stuff I listen to.
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I've almost bought Fox Capture Plan's albums before. Back when I was really into Jizue, I was only one step away. They're definitely a talented group.
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Nice to see they have a music video for Supersonic, I love that song.

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