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Tohru Aizawa Quartet

This isn’t just vintage Japanese jazz: its private-pressed, collector-baiting Japanese jazz that was once so rare, many doubted that it even really existed. The Tohru Aizawa Quartet were amateurs who only ever made this one album Tachibana, but by god its a remarkable set, bristling with energy and invention. A very welcome reissue here, on CD and double LP, from BBE.

I bought the CD, damn fine stuff for a one-off set

There's a review here : http://=https://www.normanrecords.com/re...-tachibana
I see T-Square has been mentioned quite a few times already, so let me recommend you something slightly different. Not necessarily classics but I think they're good and I've been listening to them frequently, along with T-Square, Casiopea and the multitude of spin-off bands of those guys.

Satoshi Bandoh; All three of his albums are pretty much on point, j-fusion's finest. Insanely skilled drummer and a genius at arranging.

Keizoh Kawano; His solo album, Dreams, is fairly well executed and I like the blend of modern melodic jazz-rock and traditional fusion elements.

Katsumi Horii Project; Great jazz-funk/fusion albums with a very familiar, gentle 1980s atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out. I want to have at least one of their records some day.

DIMENSION; They have a lengthy discography spanning across three decades, but I think the quality still overcomes the quantity. Super fresh, bold and powerful fusion.

Takeshi Itoh; He also has produced a lot of albums, hard to think of which one I like the best. Pretty clever and pleasant urban jazz-fusion from this T-Square OG.

Hiroyuki Noritake; People who enjoy the calmer stuff from T-Square are gonna like his album Dreams Can Go. After all, he is the former drummer of the band.

Kaori Kobayashi; Probably closer to smooth jazz or some poppy jazz style than fusion. The songs on her first four albums are quite catchy and she's a beast on the saxophone.

To keep it shorter and sweeter, here's shoutouts to Akira Jimbo, Michiya Haruhata, Hirokuni Korekata, Masato Honda, TRIX, Kukeiha Club, S.S.T. Band, Keiko Matsui, RX, Prism and Noriki.

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