Japanese Language Pack
Hey, everyone. I just wanted to issue a quick update that I've installed a Japanese language pack for the forums, which would be helpful for our Japanese visitors.

To change the forum language from English to Japanese (or the other way around), click here or scroll to the bottom where it shows the selector.

Keep in mind that we still encourage that posts be written in English. If you'd like to provide a non-English version of your post, feel free to do so, but English is a minimum requirement.

To our prominent speakers, let me know if there's anything off, and I'll correct them.

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Things That Will Be Deleted Without Notice:
  1. Political and religious posts.
  2. Band spammers.
  3. Kupiku shills.
  4. Leechers.
Oh neat. I guess I can have some fun with this. Wink
Occasionally, I write Western and Japanese music reviews.

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