Japanese Bands Long Overdue for a Release
(08-09-2018, 01:34 PM)TimJ Wrote: Didn't Junko just announce a new band?

Yup which might cool, but I'd be very surprised if they were as cool as Alhambra.
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You know... it's been 6 years since Dream Demon Analyzer came out. It's due time for a badass new Dead End album.
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I would be happy with a new The Mortal album, but I'm afraid that project was a one time only deal.
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(08-09-2018, 02:51 PM)TadakatsuH0nda Wrote: You know... it's been 6 years since Dream Demon Analyzer came out. It's due time for a badass new Dead End album.

Well Morrie is releasing a new solo album this year and has had a couple of Creature Creature albums since then, so at least he still delivers plenty of high quality music. I would love for You and Morrie to get together again and work on some more Dead End, but I suspect that won't happen until next year at the earliest.
Occasionally, I write music reviews.

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