Japanese Bands Long Overdue for a Release
Which active Japanese bands (any genre) do you think are long overdue for a release?

For me, I'll start with Starless. They had a pretty nice comeback in 2007, had some lives, but haven't been that active recently. However, they haven't disbanded or went on hiatus. Their site was last updated in 2015, but there have been some signs of life here and there (namely some re-recordings of classic songs that surfaced on youtube). I'd love to see at least one final album (they also have some unrecorded songs I'd love to see on CD). Maybe they can hook up with Walkure or something.

Gonin-ish. Technically not disbanded and have done a live here and there. Their last studio album was 2005. I'd love to see them do something soon.

Another Shrine is an obscure power metal band I like that has existed in one form or another since 2006. They've released a few singles here and there over the years, but no full-lengths. Their last single "Crimson Darkness" was pretty nice. They were supposed to release something a year or so ago, but I haven't heard anything since.

Vertex of the Hybrid is another obscure power metal band (what else?) who released a decent MCD back in 2012, then had some lineup changes and kinda vanished. They still exist though and still have live activity and have been hinting at new material.

I'm gonna have to say Lightning as well. Its been 4 years since their last proper studio album (that last compilation doesn't count Tongue). They had some lineup changes (namely losing Kouta), and Iron Chino seems too pre-occupied with Iron Attack! (a band I'm honestly completely burnt out on)

It seems really weird me saying this but... Dragon Guardian! Sure he released 2 CDs last year, but he's been really quiet this year. Normally Arthur Brave is quite prolific with releases, unless he ran out of gas. The last Dragon Guardian I found to be one of his more interesting ones.

AufHeben - not sure how to describe these guys... some gothic/power/melodeath hybrid. They released a considerably raw debut in 2011 followed up by a nice EP in 2014, and I haven't heard anything since. They do have some recent live activity though, so they still exist.
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<insert X Japan reference here.>
Oh shit, forgot they existed Laugh
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Crowley, whose overdue status will clear up later next month. Hopefully.
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Strange, Aquarifa's guitarist just tweeted an X-Japan cover (紅). Seems weird seeing someone from an indie band playing that.
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I really wish Siam Shade would release some new material. Since they reunited, they've mostly just been doing lives, with one new single released in 2013. On a related note, many of the members' side projects were put on hold, and I would love to see some new material from those groups too. Detrox and Binecks specifically.

I feel like Luna Sea is overdue for some new material too.
I was gonna say la la larks, but they're finally releasing their debut full-length in late August (it took them 5 damn years Laugh).
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(07-15-2017, 09:18 PM)quickmind Wrote: I feel like Luna Sea is overdue for some new material too.

Luna Sea has a new album out later this year though.

It would be nice if Low-Pass, Mirror, and mudy on the 昨晩 would release something new.
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Are those bands still active?

For me, most indie bands I don't hold my breath because they break up so fast. If lucky, some of the former members get shuffled into new bands. Metal bands seem to hang around longer, but take forever to release stuff.

I've whined about Gauntlet and Mars Brigade in another thread. Both are still active (I believe), and I'd love to see some new material soon.
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