Jam Project
I was not even sure where to put this band. As they cover many genres. Including metal and rock. And when they do metal, they do it very well!

A great band formed for the sole purpose of creating songs for anime, and video games. Formed by a few well know musicians including Ichirou Mizuki, who did many anime theme songs back in the 70's and 80's. Such as Mazinger Z and Space Pirate Captain Harlock. And of course metal legend Eizo Sakamoto (ex-Anthem, Animetal) who is longer in the band.

Current members include Masami Okui who is a great female singer. Some of you may know her from The Slayers OP "Get Along" which she shared vocals with Megumi Hayashibara.
And of course i cant forget Yoshiki Fukuyama who did the music for Macross 7. Fire Bomber!!!

A very good song right here.

I never tire of hearing this one.

I wanted to post Skill, as it is such a fantastic song, however it cant be found anymore it would seem. Damn copyright!
I like some of their early stuff. I don't own anything though. I do have two "Super Robot" CD's where members of JAM Project sing robot anime songs like Mazinger, Voltes V, Getter Robo and Gundam.
I never even knew about that. Ill have to check it out. Is it any good?
Well I like it.. hehe.


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