Latest discovery/obsession. I'm still new to the band (but I ordered 10 CDs of theirs recently), but going from the few songs I've heard, I'd describe them as a melodic alternative/punk hybrid with neoclassical melodicism. Pretty good musicianship with distinctive female vocals (she composes the vast majority of the music too). They're celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, which is quite an accomplishment considering how often bands break up over there.


Current lineup:
Vocals/guitar -  清水葉子
Drums/backing vocals - 郡島陽子
Bass -石島直和
Guitair - 大月義隆

Some random song selections:


Mentions something about students, studio, new sounds. And it got liked a lot.
I saw a pic tweeted of the entire band together recently, so they're actually not dead. Was quite a bit worried about this band, to be honest. If a new album came out this year, that would be nice.

A sign of life, finally.

Live clip.

Another live clip.

Good news, bad news? These gif notices always freak me out.
Uh yeah, sorry about this, but I think they are breaking up. I'm not 100% sure since I just scanned it quickly, but I see lots of talk about stopping the band and ending activity. I think one person left (whoever the top left is) and they decided that without him/her it wasn't really a band anymore so they're all quitting.
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That probably explains their silence over the last year or so, while their vocalist was out doing a lot of solo gigs.

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