[J-Rock] Nadeshiko Doll (ナデシコドール)
Duo of vocalist Yuzuha and guitarist Rie. They play some form of J-Rock with folk/gothic elements and some metal tendencies. I discovered them via them touring with other bands I listen to. Their stuff is unfortunately in CD-R format and you'll need a shopping service to get it. Pretty decent band though and I'd love to see a professional/nationwide release sometime.


Only a short clip, but this song is pretty cool.

Couple of live crossfades.
So have they ever looked like they might release something professionally? Or do they just seem to be happy at the semi-pro level?
They might just be happy at the indie level, dunno. They've been at this for a few years now. There's definitely enough money floating around to make PVs though.

I guess we'll see what format their upcoming MCD will be in.

Damn, this CD just showed up right after I played my shopping service run with Disk Union. It looks like its a CD-R again.

New live.
Clearly NOT the same Rie that seems to always be tagged 'AKA Suzaku'.
Big Grin
New MCD and single aren't bad. Just dawned on me they remind me a bit of FullMooN (not as good though).
Well looks like they're still going:

Feel free to request a translation here. And check out my previous work in this section.
Please bear it mind I'm always busy though and it may take a while!

9th single coming soon. I haven't snagged their 8th one yet.
I first heard about Nadeshiko Doll in Metallion. After all these years I believe this is their first full tour in Japan, so am glad to see them in Tokyo since they are Sapporo based. They also carry their CDs in Disk Union Heavy Metal store in Shinjuku, with the only other sales from venues or the UHA!UHA! site which only does Japanese money orders or bank transfers. http://www.nadeshikodoll.com/pc/disco.html Fortunately I will be able to pick up a stack of CDs at the show. I think there was a message about getting a cheki with them if you purchase over 6000 yen from them, although I don't know if they will do it at Crazy Fest Extra this weekend.

I like their range of styles and there are some elements from Ao no Rinne - Ray Force from last year's mini-album (especially the beginning) that remind me of Cyntia.


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