[J-Rock] Girls Rock Band Kakumei (ガールズロックバンド革命)
Up-and-coming all-girl J-Rock band. Maybe slightly heavier than usual and some technical flourishes here and there. Fans of SEKIRARA, Quince, or a heavier Potali may dig this. They're still a young band and have room for improvement, but I think they could turn into something pretty good. Unfortunately they appear to have already lost a guitarist, so they're reduced to a 3-piece now. Their MCD is shopping-service fodder (set me back about $40 US after fees). I got my CD from this store, in case anyone wants it.

This song wasn't on the MCD - no idea which release its on. Hopefully it surfaces on a future CD.

Their drummer did a cover of Rainbow's "Kill the King" - kinda cool seeing that band have influence to even the indie scene over there. Would've been cool if the entire thing was uploaded to youtube though.
I see they have a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming album:


Its only at 14% now, but they still have 2 months to go. Hopefully they make it.
Hmm... Nice. Kind of like a young Scandal, too. Hopefully they don't slow down like they did.
Not sure if I see a Scandal resemblance, but its been a long time since I heard them. GRBK struck me as being a bit more technical and heavier than usual (I never got that feeling from any Scandal I heard).

God damnit, they already took that new song down.
70% done with that crowdfunding campaign with 47 days to go. It got off to a slow start, but I'm glad they'll easily make it.

Met 250% of their goal, not bad.

New visual. Hopefully they'll announce a new CD soon.

Looking forward to this. It does mention being released in stores, but looks like later on.
Sounds like its going to be sold at multiple stores with (different?) bonuses at each. Maybe like the Octaviagrace one?

You've lost one of lead post videos, by the way.
Yeah, I think the band removed it for whatever reason.

Store-specific bonuses are pretty common over there. I normally just go HMV and can't really see myself doing a Tower/Disk Union run.

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