[J-Rock] Gacharic Spin / Doll$boxx
Got my live DVD today, gave it one spin (no pun intended). Some initial thoughts.

* The band has lost its hyper edge. Sure they are still very energetic but all four musicians are 30+ now. They are settling down a little.

* The second dancer looks so out of place next to Mai in what is essentially street clothes, a t-shirt and shorts. It screams she's not one of them. I don't care if she is or isn't, she and the other two should have costumes.

* Lots of slower songs and a longer acoustic interlude, 2 songs instead of 1.

* Koga's bass is real loud, which means you can hear how godly good she is. And that new red five string bass is beautiful.

* No Ben-Jan-Dan. Sad

* Mai wears the keyboard for Hunting Summer but it really misses something without Nenne to alternate playing. Then again, Oreo couldn't wear a keyboard with that stupid costume anyway.

* The second DVD is a waste. A whole disc for a 15 minute video clip?
Mai started in street clothes and she didn't even get a Gacha t-shirt Smile
I think their current costumes are better in that sense, the Gachadan Jr. girls blend in more (than Oreo at least)
They usually play 2 acoustic songs in long concerts.
Oreo could have worn the keyboard Big Grin
The 2nd DVD is a 31 minute long behind the scene video showing their rehearsal.
Anyone interested in a weird photobook?


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