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Frederic are a J-Rock band from Kobe. Formed in 2009, they're based around the twin bothers Kenji (lead vocals and support guitar)and Koji (bass and backing vocals). Also includes Ryuji (who handles most of the guitar work and solos) and Takeru on drums (who mostly hides away in the background). They've released five EP's, three on their label A-Sketch and their first full length album Frederhythm in October last year.
They play a kind of slightly arty rock, which is little weird but by no means "way out there" and still very catchy. Kenji's voice is fairly distinctive and high-pitched, so if you don't like it, you're not going to appreciate their stuff. But I find it pretty appealing in a way. Guitars are pretty sparse and seem very deliberately picked (no idea what you'd call the style, I'm no guitarist!). They're also got a big thing for repetition of both lyrics and phrases (which you'll also see in a lot of the song titles) and starting off deceptively simply and getting more complex later on.
Probably for fans of stuff like the Oral Cigarettes, Passepied, Gen Hoshino, Yoru no Honki Dance, Hitorie , [alexandros] and so on.
Amusingly enough, when I put their name in music map they came out halfway between Cinema Staff and Fear, And Loathing in Las Vegas, which is quite odd when you consider the different opinions of those two bands on this forum. Anyway, a few videos to give you the general idea:

"oddloop", which was their first major success and demonstrates their thing for repetition...

Owarase Night. Yes it's the same two dancers and, no, I don't know why.

Rererepeat (Did I mention the thing about repetition?)

And finally, their biggest hit to date, "Only Wonder" in which they finally manage to get a budget for more than two dancers and you can have some fun spotting the cross-dressing cheerleaders Wink

They're pretty fun.

...and either the drummer is super camera-shy, or he's maybe either a support member or not in the group any more for some of those.
Well he's still listed as a member. You know drummers, some of them don't like the limelight. Then again, maybe he (or the record company) thought he wasn't good-looking enough to appear at the front. The guys appear to have had a bit of a makeover somewhere along the line...
Second single out Kanashii Ureshii [Sad Happy] August 16th:


As is usual these days, its an anime opening theme. There's also an MV in which the mysterious drummer actually makes an appearance:

Not entirely sure if they've gone back to their two dancer limit, as it's a bit hard to tell in that one.
Frederic have a new mini-album 'TOGENKYO' out 18th October:

Limited Edition: ¥2,700 yen [incl. DVD Accoustic Studio Live"FAB!! ~Frederic Acoustic Band~"]

Regular Edition: ¥2,200 yen

2. スローリーダンス
3. かなしいうれしい [sad happy]
4. たりないeye
5. ミッドナイトグライダー
6. パラレルロール
Seems pretty odd to include the single so soon after releasing it as a single!
Trailer now out:

Now some clips from the acoustic set on the Limited Edition version:

Not an expert, but pretty sure the drums on this are real Wink
An acoustic band with programmed drums is something I would find hilarious, for some reason Smile
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Title track MV from their new mini-album:

Typical frederic track - loops inside loops inside loops Big Grin
Well here's an odd thing. Canadian 'alternative rock duo' (that's what the blurb says) USS cover Frederic's 'Oddloop'. Heh.

Bonus points for having 'poutine' in the, lyrics Wink
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