[J-Indie] Omoime-Gurasu (オモイメグラス)
Ah well, whatever - I saw The Uncrowned last week and they played with a bunch of indie bands and a ska band - sometimes you just don’t know what the hell you’re going to get...

Since I guess its "let's quit our band day", they're reduced to a two-piece now.
Not really sure who writes what in that band, but my main concern is that the songwriting doesn’t suffer.

I hope they don’t split up for good because I think they’ve definitely got something unique, but they seem to have been going a while without breaking through to the next level, which must get frustrating.
They'll probably go in a more electronic direction, I'm guessing. They're one of those bands who I think are in it for the love of what they do and have no commercial aspirations at all.
I have no objective way of knowing whether that’s true or not, but that would also be my impression.

Although they seemed friendly and chatty offstage when I saw them, they’re the only Japanese band I’ve ever seen (out of an admittedly limited sample of 40ish) to make no attempt at audience interaction at all onstage, and just do the detached arty thing. So definitely no pandering to cheap crowdpleasing there...

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